Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fuzzy-Gammon and Firoz Chess source code uploaded to GitHub

Sometime around 2005 (+/- something) I implemented two fully working board games and corresponding computer opponents. They where called Fuzzy-Gammon and Firoz Chess. Fuzzy-Gammon was developed as part of a master thesis about intelligent game agents. Firoz Chess was developed afterwards as a hobby project.

As part of the Fuzzy-Gammon project I also submitted a paper to the 4th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The paper was accepted and published by Springer Verlag in MICAI 2005: Advances in Artificial Intelligence ISBN: 3-540-29896-7, pp 224 - 233.

Both games are written in C#, and the source code is now (better late than never) available in GitHub. Hopefully somebody might actually find a use for it.


  1. Heinze's noise blog thank you for sharing this blog about Fuzzy-Gammon and Firoz Chess source code which is finally uploaded to GitHub as shared at site. Good to know how well your paper was published and how it went.

  2. After their Chess source code, I made some adjustments. It was difficult but finally taught it the ruy lopez and now it's tough to beat. Even for me as I've been professionally playing chess for some time now.