Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Redirecting Google Apps domain to Blogger

After creating this blog, I wanted to make it appear as a subdomain at, instead of a subdomain at However my domain was registered through the free Google Apps service some years ago, and the Google Apps administration console did not appear offer any way to setup DNS settings for web addresses not related to Google Apps services (that seems to be a limitation in the free version of Google Apps). What I needed to do was to unlock my domain at my provider. I could see in my old emails that my domain was registered at eNom. After some digging around on the internet I found this page So I dropped an email to asking them how to unlock my domain. The same day I got the following answer allowing me to gain full control of my DNS settings.

Hello ,

You can manage your domain at There you will be able to make all DNS changes including nameserver changes, host record changes, MX record changes and URL Forwarding.

When Google registered the domain for you, they set you up with a domain password.  Note this is NOT your Google Apps login password.  If you do not have this, simply put in your domain name at the access login screen( and click submit. Put the name in again and then click on the "forgot password" link and it will be emailed to you at the address on file with Google for your domain name.

That is it, now I have full control of all my DNS settings.

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